Mistletoe Heights Yard of the Month

March 2015 Most Improved Yards: 1300 Clara and 2400 Harrison Ave

Again this space will be used for the most improved yards in Mistletoe Heights. The regular, monthly Yard of the Month articles will start appearing again in the April newsletter.

Please note that even the excellent photography of our neighborhood photographer canít make a silk purse out of a sowís ear. So photographs taken in the winter arenít revealing of what a yard looks like when itís in season!

First is 1211 Mistletoe Drive. I canít tell you the homeownerís name because itís not listed in the directory Ė but she knows who she is.

The lawn is always well kept; however, this last year she had formal beds created and extensive plantings put in them.

There are, among the plant materials, roses. A Japanese maple is also a feature of the yard. She always keeps plants in the two large pots at the end of the sidewalk leading to the house as well.

The tried-and-true liriope and yucca next to the drive maintain the classic landscape effect.

The parkways are planted with Asian jasmine and the whole package comes together as a complement to the beautiful architecture of the home.

Second is the new home at 1150 Clara St. Before this home was built, the property was a neighborhood eyesore. Again I canít cite the name of the homeowners because theyíre not in the directory!

The yard has been sodded with Bermuda grass and there are two nice-sized specimen trees in front.

The front beds have loropetalum as their main feature. There are also two spots of annual color in front.

Along the side are red canna lilies and some other shrubs that have lost most of their leaves right now, so I canít identify them.

The traditional landscape enhances the houseís fitting well into our neighborhood.

Many thanks to both homeowners for beautifying their yards Ė something that all of us can enjoy.

- Bruce Horn