Mistletoe Heights Yard of the Month

December 2014 Most Improved Yards: 1211 Jerome St and 1206 Mistletoe Dr

As I noted in the November issue of the Mistletoe Express, I'll be writing during the winter months about the most improved yards in our neighborhood.

Because dormancy is the major feature of any landscape during the winter, I thought it appropriate to shift my focus. Two yards will be featured each month for having made significant improvements in their landscapes.

The first one is the old apartment building at 1211 Jerome St. We have resided in Mistletoe Heights for more than 27 years and the changes this summer at that address were noteworthy!

Years ago, the building was somewhat seedy and run down. A few years back, a new owner made improvements that really made a difference in the outward appearance. This past summer, one of the residents put in a nice front yard. I apologize sincerely for not having the person's name to publish. Those efforts paid off in a really nice look – for the first time since we've lived in Mistletoe Heights.

Our thanks and commendations go out to the unnamed gardener whose work made such a difference!

The second yard worthy of a "most improved" mention is the Brock residence at 1206 Mistletoe Drive. Dan and Lisa bought that lovely old home and put lots of work into it before they moved in. What they have done in front has made it look better than it ever has.

They had a nice circular drive put in, had the lawn redone with St. Augustine grass, and had lots of Asian jasmine planted both in the parkway and in the beds close to the house. A couple of lovely Japanese maples were also planted. The total effect of the landscaping has made the front yard look as good as the house itself!

I seem to always conclude the same way, perhaps because I simply can't think of anything else to say? But it's a fact that whenever a homeowner or a neighborhood resident makes improvements in the landscape it truly benefits us all. Not only does it enhance the property value for each of us, but it also makes for a beautiful thing to look at!

Many thanks to the Brocks and to the Mystery Person who worked so hard to improve the yard on Jerome Street!

- Bruce Horn