Mistletoe Heights Yard of the Month

June/July 2014: 2223 Harrison

2223 Harrison is almost a redundancy at June's Yard of the Month: The porch itself with its delightful potted plants moves beyond 'welcoming' all the way into 'beckoning.' When we walk by we just kind of want to go sit a spell on that porch. The potted plants and especially the color scheme created thereby give an Italianesque feel to the place. If a porch and the effect created can be cozy, this one certainly is.

The homeowners have also created a foundation line planting effect on the side of the house in front of the wooden privacy fence - with attractive color pots and trellises. The result is both unusual and attractive.

The yard itself is meticulously maintained and nicely landscaped with plant materials that both reflect the historical nature of the property and also compliment the architecture of the house. The overall effect is a formal one. Many of us are gardening in a space that is defi ned by the hard lines and right angles of the sidewalks and driveways. Mr. and Mrs. Hornsby have taken their space and enhanced it with good taste.

Visual interest is supplied by a row of Crepe Myrtles on one side of the property. This both defi nes and encloses the yard to a delightful end. The sidewalk approaching the front door is bordered with lush Liriope. The yard has St. Augustine turf which is currently under repair in one small area. The yard itself is a little higher than the public sidewalk and the slopes are covered in luxuriant Ivy. The overall effect is both colorful and provides high contrast. And while on the subject of contrast, the stone treatment of the two parkways carries the high contrast principle all the way to the curb. The entire yard provides wonderful contrast in color and in hard/soft materials. And there's some whimsical yard art, too… and a little whimsy goes well in this setting.

It is obvious to us that this yard is not only well designed and well-manicured, but also (and more importantly) well loved! It has curb appeal; however, it has the lived-in feel sometimes lacking in formal landscapes. Thanks to the Hornsby's work the entire block benefits!

- Bruce Horn