Mistletoe Heights Yard of the Month

September 2013: 2350 Mistletoe Blvd

The September of the Yard of the Month goes to newlyweds David and Claudia Gunn at 2212 Mistletoe Blvd. David grew up in New Zealand and spent his teenage and college years in Australia before moving to England for graduate school. His career brought him to the United States (Atlanta, GA) where he eventually made his way to Fort Worth. Claudia comes from Philadelphia and has been in Fort Worth for thirty-three years. She moved to Mistletoe Heights in 1992. The couple married early this year.

The colorful orange cosmos flowers in their yard sealed the deal for the yard of the month. Other plants in the yard include lambís ear, Jerusalem sages, and beautiful purple and white periwinkles. Like many others their biggest challenges are dealing with the heat and water restrictions.

When you are in the neighborhood be sure to tell these young newlyweds how much you enjoy their yard. If you have a neighbor you would like to nominate for yard of the month, email me at williamtritter@yahoo.com.

- William Ritter