Mistletoe Heights Yard of the Month

March 2012: 2345 Mistletoe Blvd.

Congratulations to Leslie Houston, recipient of the Mistletoe Heights Association Yard of the Month for March.

Located at 2345 Mistletoe Boulevard, Leslie’s Victorian style home was built in 1925, making it one of the older homes in Mistletoe Heights. The graceful front porch and swing calls you to relax and survey the well-kept yard.

The well-established front flowerbeds are planted in sweeps of color. The stars of Leslie’s garden are Encore azaleas giving the beds evergreen structure throughout the year. The azaleas are planted in sections of white, pink, and salmon varieties, along with bridal wreath spirea and crepe myrtles continuing the color scheme. Various spring bulbs and summer daylilies add interest. Each fall Leslie fills in with pansies and in the spring she adds to the color with annuals such as impatiens, vincas, and petunias.

While Leslie enjoys tending the front yard, her love of gardening is most evident in her backyard vegetable garden, filled with leafy veggies, peas, radishes, beets, and even asparagus! Blackberry and raspberry bushes grow along the fence. As the weather warms, tomatoes and a few other crops will be added.

Mistletoe Heights Association expresses appreciation to Leslie for helping beautify our neighborhood. We look forward to the display of azalea blooms in her garden as spring arrives. A special thanks to Calloway’s Nursery for support of our neighborhood through their generous donation of a $25 gift certificate to each Yard-of-the-Month recipient.

Leslie’s Gardening Tips:

(1) Before rushing out to buy plants, pay close attention to the patterns of sun and shade in your garden throughout the day and at various seasons. What you think will work in spring may need to be moved by the time summer arrives in full force.

(2) Be generous when filling in with annuals so as to provide enough plants for visual impact.