Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

March 2, 2021 7:00-8:30PM

Via Zoom


Officers in attendance:

o   Mark Philpot – President

o   Corey Bearden – Vice President

o   Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasurer

o   Val Ewing – Secretary

Residents in attendance: 16


7:10 PM Meeting called to order

Mark opened the floor for general comments as this is our first meeting for 2021. 

VP update: Corey provided update on the directory.

Treasury update: Jeri Jo mentioned that we have ~$22,000 in our bank account.  Go Fund Me Funds for historic book are a part of this total but with help from Kathy McReynolds, funds for the book will be sent to a separate bank account.

Newsletter update: Jeri Jo has been helping with getting information as our Newsletter editor is out temporarily.  We still need a kindly neighbor to help assist with the newsletter.  Please consider volunteering your time.

Berm/Newby Park/Triangle water expenses update: city is supposed to be taking over water expenses, but this has not happened yet.  However, a check from the city was received but it is not clear what this money is for.  

Old Business:

Mistletoe Heights book update: 120 stories are 90% complete.  Anticipate final edit in April with production in June.

New Business:

City council and Mayor elections coming up in May.   To learn about candidates without endorsing them, Mark raised the question of how to get information out to residents. Idea: hold a meeting for candidates to address previously supplied questions from MH residents. One attendee mentioned that the Mayor election may not need to be included; however, the District 9 election is more relevant to changes that affect our neighborhood. 

Yard of the Month: Claudia Camp will continue to participate in providing plant-based knowledge but would like help with the selection process which involves driving around and looking at yards. To all MH residents reading this, if you would like to participate, please contact either one of the officers or Mrs. Camp to get involved.

Upcoming Events for 2021:

·         Garage Sale: April 24 (will conveniently precede bulk trash pickup).

·         Easter Egg Hunt: April 10.  Because of the pandemic, one idea is to provide candy via chutes like some homes did during Halloween.  Open to ideas.  No decisions were made during this meeting.

·         Movie Night: May 8 - not discussed this meeting.

·         MH Neighborhood Zoom Meeting: May 19

·         Forest Park Pool Party w/ Berkeley (TBD)

·         July 4th Parade: July 4 (TBD)

·         MH Neighborhood Zoom Meeting: August 17

·         Movie Night: October 9 (TBD)

·         National Night Out: October 10 (TBD)

·         Pumpkin judging: October 30

·         Bow Tying Party: Nov 10

·         MH Neighborhood Meeting: November 9

8:22 PM Meeting adjourned