Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

November 17, 2020


Officers Present:

President - Mark Philpot

Vice President - Corey Bearden

Treasurer - Jeri Jo Blackmon

Secretary - Val Ewing  

Newsletter Editor - Chloe Stern



Historic Preservation Committee – Brad Sheffield

Neighbors present: 17


Call to Order:

Meeting began 7:07 PM



Holiday event at the Triangle: Christmas Party on 12/6/20 from 3:30-5:30.  Kids are welcome, and encouraged, to decorate the trees with items birds will eat.  2 food trucks available. No Santa Clause visit for safety reasons. Trees will be lit each night. Please join everyone and practice social distancing and wear a mask. 


Officers Report:

President: Atmos work should be done soon.   The roadwork at Irwin/Magnolia may extend until March. This work has nothing to do with Atmos work.  The next 20 minutes were spent discussing this and other work occurring in the area.


Vice President: Corey Bearden spoke about the Triangle Park and how the grass looks great, there’s a team of people continuing to mow and edge the area, and it’s being used more. 


Treasurer: Yearly Financial Update. Total income $18K this year and most is from dues donations.  Some expenses include triangle park expense which was >$16K, donations for the park exceeded $5K. Water expenses at the Triangle were $2400 for the year.  We are in the process of arranging to have the city cover the water bills for Newby, Berm, and Triangle.  Bank Balance is about $19K and we have expenses obligated toward the directory and MHA Historic Book.  This year we received more money in donations than ever before.  


Newsletter Update: Chloe Stern: most recent issue of the newsletter met a delay in printing but will be out soon. Chloe is looking for an assistant who can help her with the issues in April/May and June/July.  Please contact Chloe or one of the officers if you’re interested in helping out.


Historic Preservation Officer: Brad Sheffield’s goal is to function as a liaison between Mistletoe Heights residents and the City of FW.  He spoke for a bit on historic overlay in our area.


Old Business:

·         Historic Mistletoe Heights Book: Tom Richey/Melanie Smith – they are roughly at about 50% complete with the write-up. The publishing is delayed as it is much larger than expected.  Goal to publish by spring.  

·         100 year celebration: postponed due to COVID19 pandemic


New Business:

·         Neighborhood discussion about Overlay Rules/Interpretation:  MH neighbor spoke about applying for solar panels which were approved for their second story but denied for first story due to visibility.  When the overlay was created, solar panels were not in consideration.  Question is are the present overlay rules too narrow.  What followed was a 20 minute discussion on progress, rules, and revised guidelines.

·         McLean middle school asked MHA for donations: Mark Philpot made a motion to donate $500.  Counter motion made by Corey: $250.  Counter motion seconded and approved.    

·         Security concerns: There appears to be an uptick in burglaries and trespassing.  What followed was a 30 minute discussion on current events and safety concerns.  It was suggested people leave porch lights on and consider getting motion activated lights for areas of the house exterior that are dark.

·         Officer Elections for 2021:  The Nominating Committee consisted of Tom and Eileen Richey (2 non-officers) and 3 officers: Mark Philpot, Corey Bearden, Jeri Jo Blackmon.  The committee met on November 15 and it was discussed that all officers have agreed to continue on in their present officer positions for the next year.  Nominations were requested from those present in our Zoom meeting asking for anyone wanting to volunteer in any of the offered positions.  No one volunteerd.  A motion was made to vote on current officers to continue for the next year. Motion approved. 


Meeting adjourned 8:57 PM