Leslie Houston Home 2345 Mistletoe Blvd

March 3, 2020, 7:30-8:50


Officers in attendance:

Mark Philpot – President

Corey Bearden – Vice President

Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasurer 

Val Ewing – Secretary

Committee Chairs:

Chloe Stern – Newsletter Editor

Scott Ewing – Webmaster

Mistletoe Heights Neighbors per attendance sheet: 34



Voting Order as needed:

Sprinkler vs. No Sprinkler - $5200 with Total with Tax/City Permitting

If Yes then II. Seed Vs. Sod - 3 Possibilities A. Budget seed - $700 B. Land seed/dirt work option - $2700 C. Sod Option - $10300

If Yes then: III. Seed. A. Budget seed - $700 B. Land seed/dirt work option - $2700 Sod: Bermuda - $10,300 Celebration Bermuda $11,500


7:35 pm Call to Order

Mark Philpot began with an introduction on why we are gathering to discuss the Triangle.   The topic of improving the appearance of the Triangle, including providing irrigation, can be dated back to 2015 after a neighbor commented on the how there was only weeds/stickers and the overall appearance was unattractive.


Corey Bearden: presented information from minutes taken from a meeting in August 2018 that addressed the triangle park irrigation.  Goal then was to get electricity to the Triangle for various neighborhood activities. In May 2018, a motion approved $10,000 towards the project.  Nearly two years later, we are 2 weeks away from completion and the Triangle will have irrigation and electricity.  Appreciation goes out to Robert DeVargas, MH resident, who has spent countless hours working with the city and getting permits to get this project going.


James Bryant: spoke on the history of the Triangle project.  A prior VP of MHA, Chad Jung, attempted to get the City to help out with providing irrigation but was unsuccessful.  In 2016, Chad approached Bryant for help. Through many meetings with the city and other people, they have reached the point where we are today to progress forward with the goal of getting irrigation and grass to the Triangle.  Bryant has been involved for about 3 years and part of his contribution was to design a sprinkler system.


Question about cost: based on July costs, hottest time of year, the highest rate will be $33 each time the system is run.  If the City will approve removal of the extra charge for “waste water” the cost will reduce to $16 each time.  About 5 months out of the year the system will be turned off: October - May.  The sprinkler system will have a rain sensor and the city will continue to mow the Triangle.  Brad Arlington volunteered to mow the triangle also. 


Question on maintenance: Bryant guessed it would be about $500-700/year on average after the first year.  Corey Bearden stated that a resident of MHA, not present at the meeting, had said he would contribute $500/year towards ongoing sprinkler maintenance if the irrigation plan is approved.


MH resident, Sanjay Konur, made it known that there are 29 people who, if present for tonight’s vote, would vote no.  However, you must to be present to vote.


8:00 pm: Motion to go forward with sprinkler system.  Motion seconded.

Discussion on pro/cons, environmental consequence: it was pointed out that during times of drought, the irrigation system will adhere to enforced restrictions. Triangle park is a large green space and a center of activity for our neighborhood activities like July 4 parade, etc. Having electricity is essential for things like bounce houses, speakers for music during parades, etc.  A student from Pascal HS mentioned that there are students involved in clubs that need volunteer experience to qualify for scholarships.  They may be a source of help at the Triangle.  This was followed by a discussion about seed vs sod with James Bryant answering most of the questions.


8:15 pm: Vote on providing irrigation to the Triangle via sprinkler installation:  Yes 25, No 8, Motion approved – MHA to spend $5200 on a sprinkler system at the Triangle. 


8:20pm: Next motion:

Grass: Seed vs Sod

Options for grass: Budget seed $700, Land Seed/dirt work - $2700, Sod - $10,300.

Discussion: Bermuda seed will not germinate until June, must stay moist 24/day, water for 3 weeks, needs exposed soil. Other option is throw seed down and see what happens, water twice per day, success not guaranteed.  Final option is kill all stuff there now, level the ground, seed, (2-3 weeks of mud) then place seed down (potential for weeds to grow also). Mark Philpot stated that a MH resident committed to donating seed if this option is chosen.  Sod: Celebration is the best option, reduces maintenance, slow growing, drought tolerant - $10,300.  Bermuda Sod, an alternative to Celebration, would cost $11,500. 


Discussion on expense, shutting down the triangle, and people providing suggestions. Treasurer spoke about funds and that there is not enough money to afford sod right now in lieu of other financial commitments to our neighborhood. 


8:48 pm: Motion - Susan Willis made a motion for $3000 of MH funds to go towards grass (sod or seed).  Motion approved. Vote on Motion: Yes 31, No 4.  Motion passed to approve $3000 from MHA funds towards grass.   

Several people spoke up and offered to donate money towards the grass portion. Scott Ewing made a motion to raise funds for remaining costs towards sod.  Deadline for fundraising: April 15.  


Final discussion on LBC donation: Motion to donate $650. Seconded and approved.


Sum: MHA funds towards the Triangle:

$5200 for sprinkler system

$3000 towards grass – either seed or sod.


8:50 pm Meeting Adjourned

Thank you to Mrs. Houston for allowing our meeting to be held in her home.