Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

February 18, 2020

7:00 – 8:33 pm

Location: Lily B. Clayton Elementary School

MH Residents in attendance: 18


Officers Present:

Mark Philpot – President

Corey Bearden – Vice President

Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasurer

Chloe Stern – Newsletter Editor

Secretary – Valerie Ewing


Upcoming Events:

MH Garage Sale – Saturday April 4

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday April 10?

Movie Night at Newby Park or Triangle - Early May

Neighborhood Meeting: Tuesday, May 19th; location TBD.


Call to Order: 7:10 pm

Approval of Minutes from MHA Meeting November 2019: Motion approved.


Officers Reports

President Report: Forest Park Apartment Zoning Update - proposal to rezone Cantey from FPB to Lowden to support a higher density zoning change from duplex/multifamily to “UR” Urban Residential which is in line with the comprehensive plan of the city. Meeting occurred to discuss this with the City on Feb 12 and there was a collaboration of 8 neighborhood committee representatives pushing back.  People on the zoning commission noticed and did not approve rezoning.  This shows that the public voice can influence decisions.

Vice President: Triangle Park Update – power access completion is very close and afterward irrigation will begin.

Newsletter Editor - March newsletter has content and ready for printing.  Publication dates:  March 15, May 15, July 15.

Treasurer – a list of our money & expenses was distributed.  More money was spent last year than what came in. The year previous, more money was coming in than was being spent. Newsletter expenses were higher this time due to a delay in getting the printed copy out and we lost advertiser revenue. The ads pay for the newsletter. Dues donations down compared to last year. Our goal this year is $10,000 for dues donations. Please donate to Mistletoe Heights Association!


Old Business

MH Directory Update: There’s a plan in place to gather data; a 2 step approach.  1. Add a form to the newsletter for resident to complete.  2.  Electronic version to be filled out online which is superior for gathering data.  The toughest past is gathering data and one idea is to have the block captains go door to door to gather data on those who do not do the paper or electronic version.  This process will require volunteers so please join us in completing this task!  Another need is for someone to do the layout.  Cost: ~$2500-3000 for the cost of the directory. Completion date ~Fall 2020.  Suggestion from Webmaster: An area can be added to the top of the website for people to click on and fill out the form.


Triangle: MH resident James Bryant discussed planting seed vs sod. Preference is to place sod now because it’s more forgiving than if we placed sod down in the heat of summer. Sprinkler setup needs to be done soon based on sod height.  If seed option is chosen, then the deadline for Bermuda seed is June.  It will need water three times a day and people will need to stay off of it.  Sod is more expensive, water once per day for 10 days and done.

Cost breakdown: Seed - $4,000 to $5,000.  Sod - $14,000.  Another idea is hydromulch which would cost $2500-3000. 


Sprinkler install: 7 days to install, total cost: $19,000 to $20,000 for sod and sprinkler.  So far, in prior meetings, the amount of $10,000 has been approved to establish utilities at the Triangle.  $7756 has been spent and the electrical billing is still outstanding. Resident suggested planting trees on the median aspect of the Triangle for shade purposes. A separate meeting will be proposed for a neighborhood vote sometime during the first week of March. This meeting will present decisions for voting: sod vs seed and trees vs no trees.


100 Year Old Celebration Update: October 18, 5-7PM.  Open house from 3-5pm is the first part of the celebration. Deadline to participate in the open house is June 15.  There will be Period costumes and food.  All children and kids encouraged to participate and play period games. Rain date is October 25.


Historic Mistletoe Heights Book: will cover the history of individual homes, stories of people who have shown up to reminisce about when they were younger and lived in or near the house.  Old pictures of homes are welcome and encouraged.  Deadline is May 15 for submission of any information or photos of a home.  Please submit information to Melanie Smith, Tom Richey, or Jim Peipert (email below).  Cost to print the book: $6000 for 1000 copies.  There are 475 houses in neighborhood and they want copies for all residents, extra copies for new people who move in, real estate agents, etc. Cost of the book: ~$12/book.  Motion to approve $6000. Approved.


New Business:

Proposal for planting trees along the median aspect of the Triangle to provide shade.  This will be voted on in early March at a separate meeting that also votes on seed versus sod at the Triangle.   


Southside Preservation Association located in the Southside Preservation Hall at 1519 Lipscomb St, Fort Worth, TX 76104.  The building is over 50,000 sq ft and will be in the Fairmont Home Tour this year.  Activities offered include swing dance lessons, big band dance.

For more information, call Jeff Gibbons: 817-807-6451 (C) or 817-926-2800 (O) or:

 http://southsidepreservation.com  or http://therosechapel.org/


Meeting Adjourn: 8:33 pm


How to reach people:

President: Mark Philpot mark@leaguere.com

VP: Corey Bearden corey@leaguere.com

Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmon jerijo@charter.net

Newsletter: Chloe Stern chloeelisestern@gmail.com

Secretary: Valerie Ewing agdoc05@hotmail.com


May 15 Deadline to submit information or photos of a home:

Melanie Smith melanie.smith@smithfamilyoffice.com

Tom Richey tifrichey@airmail.net

Jim Peipert altonjim@gmail.com