Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

November 19, 2019

7:00 to 8:00 pm

Location: The Grossman Residence at 2306 Mistletoe Drive


Officers Present:

Corey Bearden – President

Mark Philpot – Vice President

Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasurer

Jeff Parks – Newsletter Editor

Valerie Ewing – Secretary


Neighbors in attendance: 23 per sign in sheet


Guest speaker: Tabitha Butler discussed the app you can download on your phone to communicate with the city of FW. MyFW.  Use this app to take pictures of streetlights that are out, graffiti, potholes, etc, and report them to the city.  Or call: 817-392-1234.


I.              Call to Order – 7:10pm

II.            Approval of Minutes from August meeting

III.           Upcoming events: Christmas Party Sunday December 8th from 5:00–8:00 pm at Leslie Houston’s Home: 2345 Mistletoe Blvd.  It’s a potluck so please bring an entrée dish, dessert, drinks and join in the Holiday spirit with your neighbors.

IV.          Officer Report

a.    President Report - Triangle Park irrigation update: the electrical meter was removed to build a concrete pad for the base.  Upon completion, it will be inspected by Oncor. The water meter is ready.

b.    MH donated $150 to “We Are Paschal”.

V.            Treasurer Report

a.    Income and Expenses: water expenses have increased as we are now paying for the meter at the Triangle.

b.    Dues: down $5000 this year compared to last year.  A list of names of those who have contributed was handed out.   

VI.          Committee Report

a.    Nominating Committee Report – the nominating committee chair, Susan Pressley, nominated the following Mistletoe Heights officers for 2020, as follows:

                                          i.    Mark Philpot – President

                                         ii.    Corey Bearden – Vice President

                                        iii.    Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasurer

                                       iv.    Chloe Stern – Newsletter Editor

                                         v.    Valerie Ewing – Secretary

Request from the floor for any nominations beyond what was proposed – none submitted. Motion to accept the new positions as nominated above – approved.

VII.         Old Business

a.    2020 Directory – we need someone to organize this project.  Tom Richey, MH resident, has the old data on a spreadsheet which can be used as a template. Whoever wants to take on this project will use the template and go door to door and verify accuracy of the information.  It will also be important to confirm with each resident if they approve to be put in the new directory.  Suggestion: add email addresses to the directory.

VIII.        New Business

a.    Mistletoe Heights 100th Birthday Celebration - Chair of the committee: Leslie Houston LLHTEXAS@aol.com. Date: October 18, 2020 from 5-7pm. There will be period games, sack races, egg races, period foods like roast beef, pigs in blanket.  Committee members will be in period dress. We need volunteers! Budget: $2000.  Motion to approve $2000 budget for the MH Birthday celebration - approved. Suggestion: ask for donations to go towards this budget. Question: do we want to do open houses for a tour?   All homes in Mistletoe Heights are welcome to participate in the tour.  If preferred, a tour can be of the outside, from an architectural viewpoint. Look for updates in the newsletter.  Soon, a booklet of MH homes will be considered, in terms of cost, feasibility, etc.

b.    Sound system for MH events:  Mark did research on prices for a speaker, stand, and mic: $650. This system will be used at many of our events like movie night, Easter egg hunt, July 4 parade. Motion to spend $650 - approved.


Final thoughts: our goal next year will be to compile a list of MH items that we own, but stored in various homes, in an effort to keep track of who has what items and what is available for use at events.

FYI: There’s a new 3 way stop at Park Place and Colonial Parkway, on way to the Zoo.  For pedestrian safety, please adhere to the new stop signs.

Adjourn: 7:55 pm


11/24/19: Addendum and correction of minutes: houses do not need to be 100 years old to participate in the open house for the upcoming MH Birthday Party.  We’ll take any and all who want to participate.