MHA Neighborhood Meeting

Location: The Tyson’s Home

May 21, 2019 7:00-8:30 pm


Officers Present: President: Corey Bearden. Vice President: Mark Philpot. Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmon. Newsletter Editors: Hannah and Jeff Parks. Secretary: Val Ewing

Neighbors: 29 per attendance sheet


Guest Speakers:

Jj Grissom, Executive Director of Fort Worth Bike Sharing: 817-348-0043

Tyler Grant, Community Outreach Representative for Trinity Metro: 817-215-8976



Corey Bearden began the meeting by introducing guest speaker, Jj Grissom.  Mrs. Grissom spoke about the Fort Worth Bike Sharing program.  Salient points: nonprofit organization, 40% comes from people using the bikes and the rest is from sponsors and organizations.  Goal is to keep it affordable so spread the word.  They have electric assist bikes, e-bikes, that provide an excellent means of transportation.  Closest pickup locations: Magnolia or Park Place and 8th.  Please consult their website to learn about several programs available:


Next guest: Tyler Grant from Trinity Metro: Trinity Metro operates the region’s bus service and two commuter rail lines: TEXRail and Trinity Railway Express (TRE).  Check out to pay your fare via smartphone and see to locate where your bus is in real time using the nextbus app.   Bikes can be brought on board as well.  Check out the website for more information:


Next, a Mistletoe Heights neighbor spoke briefly about our public libraries. There are 17 libraries in the FW metro area that plan to keep longer hours.  This summer, look for activities like the summer reading program and Story Time. for more information.


II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes approved from meeting in February 2019.  



·         MHA/Berkeley Pool Party Saturday June 15, 7:00-9:00 pm at Forest Park Pool

·         Fourth of July Parade Thursday July 4th, 6:30 pm at Triangle Park.

·         Neighborhood Meeting Tuesday August 20th, 7:00 pm – Location TBD

·         Movie night was canceled due to weather.  Makeup movie night is on hold for now.



Corey Bearden: Jerome Street has “No Parking” signs installed, to reduce congestion. LBC Elementary traffic update: Park Place will not be turned into a one-way street after much objection. Forest Park Towers have new flags: Thanks to our Mistletoe Heights neighbor John Key for getting this done!  Triangle Park Irrigation: sprinklers are on hold for now, but the biggest goal is to get power to the triangle.

Mary Ellen Peipert spoke about a Centennial Celebration: several homes in our neighborhood are turning 100 years old and there is discussion about having a celebration to honor these homes.

Mark Philpot: There is concern among neighbors that car break-ins are increasing.  The NPO indicated that there is not an up-tic of petty crimes; however, that may be due to people not reporting break-ins. Please call the non-emergency line and report all break-ins: (817) 335-4222. It benefits all of us if crime activity is tracked as it increases patrols in our neighborhood. Also, do not report crimes to our NPO. For example: if you see a drunk driver, call 911. If you see suspicious activity or panhandlers, call the FWPD.  Our NPO is available as a secondary source of information but he is not available for reporting crimes.  Mark and our NPO also discussed the kidnapping in Ryan Place that occurred this past weekend.  What can we learn from this?  What is the best way for the community to respond?  Our NPO had a family emergency and was not able to make it to our meeting. Ring: the doorbell that takes a video.  If you get one, be sure to register it with the FWPD so they know which homes have video in the event they need help solving a crime.


Jeri Jo Blackmon, Treasury Report: A sheet was distributed among guests listing all income and expenses.  The Berm’s water bill has been high (>$1200 to date) and since there is no new growth on the berm requiring water, the water has been shut off.  Other news, email monitors from Mistletoe Heights and Berkeley Place got together to coordinate and monitor for common issues such as lost pets, drunk drivers, suspicious activity.  


The Annual Dues Drive: Please donate to the Mistletoe Heights Association.  You may send a check to: Mistletoe Heights Association c/o Jeri Jo Blackmon 1408 Mistletoe Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76110. Or you can pay your dues through PayPal by logging onto our website:  A dues notice will be in the next newsletter.


American Flag Program: Do you want to participate in the American Flag Program?  The cost is $45 per year and 5 times per year a flag will be placed in the ground in front of your home.  Dates: Memorial Day, 9-11, Flag Day June 14, Veterans Day November 11, Independence Day July 4. The Rotary Club of Fort Worth South, PO Box 101224, Fort Worth, TX 76185-1224.  Michael Peck 817-475-5244.



Newby Park: A big thank you to the neighbors who planted new flowers and cleaned the flower beds at Newby Park.   

Newsletter: discussed the delay in people getting their paper copies.


VI. OLD BUSINESS: nothing discussed



Graham Brizendine, Mistletoe Heights resident, spoke about the City’s GIS System and future land use plan which allows duplexes and zero lot line duplexes (like what is being built near Pascal High School).  The area near his home on Morphy, is being petitioned to limit zoning to single family homes.


Meeting Adjourned 8:35 pm