MHA Neighborhood Meeting

November 13, 2018

The Mitchell’s Residence

7:00 – 8:30 pm


Officers in attendance: Corey Bearden, Mark Philpot, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Hannah Parks, Jeff Parks. Secretary: Val Ewing

Residents: 23 as per sign-in sheet

Guest Speakers: Officer Cory Carpenter 


Call to Order

Approval of Minutes: minutes approved from August meeting.

Guest speaker: Officer Cory Carpenter introduced Officer Azucena who will be taking over as our new NPO.  They discussed the COPs program (Citizens on Patrol) which is voluntary.  If you’re interested in volunteering, you can attend a class to prepare for this service.

Upcoming Events

·         MH Christmas Party: December 2 at 5:00 to 8:00 pm at Walter and Robyn Virden’s Home 2340 West Magnolia Ave.

·         Next Neighborhood Meeting: February 19 at 7:00 pm, location TBD.

·         Pumpkin judging contest winner: Haunted Forest at 2209 Irwin featuring a pumpkin inside a pumpkin peering around a tree. Congratulations neighbor!

Officers Reports

·         Presidents Report

Update on Triangle Park Irrigation: Decision has been made to bore under the road; actual time to begin is pending. Goal: provide water to the Triangle.

Berm discussion: after the drip system was fixed, the water bill from the city did not change.  If anyone notices any water leaks, please notify one of the officers.

New Security Committee: an email was sent asking people to participate in a security committee.  The president of Berkeley Place approached our association asking if we would like to join them in purchasing cameras that catch license plates to help counteract crime.  The cost goes down with increased camera install/purchase.  Concern is will the cost of cameras offset the cost of petty crime.

·         Treasurer’s Report: Jeri Jo Blackmon, discussed income/expenses, and dues donations. Sum: Income: $12,574.00, expenses: $8,404.11. Dues Donations stat: 10-year history of dues collected; in 2009 $5346 with 141 people donating.  In 2018 $9929 with 143 people donating.  Average people donated: 121. Average yearly donation: $6652.  Of the 500 homes in our neighborhood, only 143 people donate.

Officer Elections: Susan Pressley oversaw the nominating committee this year.  As all current officers were agreeable to maintain their current positions with the MH Association for another year, a motion was made that the officers remain in their current positions.  Motion approved.

Old Business

Sidewalk update: they are in progress now. 

Walking path to Pappadeauxs update: On hold as an ATT cable is buried very shallow and will have to be moved before the path can continue to be built.

New Business:

Triangle: Suggestion made to add a checker table and hopscotch. This was followed by a brief discussion about this idea.  

Berm: A resident brought up the area at the corner of Rosedale and Mistletoe Drive west of the berm that is unruly with weeds. Suggestion: organize a neighborhood wide clean up to address this area of concern.


Adjourn: 8:15 pm