Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

May 15, 2018, 7:00-8:25pm

Venue: Ensemble Coworking 1617 Park Place Ave www.ensemblecoworking.com



Officers Present: President: Corey Bearden, Vice President: Mark Philpot, Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmon, Newsletter: Hannah Parks. Secretary: Val Ewing

Attendees: 23 residents in attendance per sign-in sheet


Clint Hoover, P.E.: Senior professional engineer with Transportation and Public Works Department Infrastructure Design and Construction.  817-392-6573 (W), 682-352-8797 (M), email: Clint.Hoover@fortworthtexas.gov

Officer Meyer (NPO)

Officer Carpenter (new NPO)


I. CALL TO ORDER: Meeting began with Corey Bearden, President of Mistletoe Heights Association, expressing gratitude to Tamara Payne for providing a location for our neighborhood meeting. Ms. Payne, Chief Connector of Ensemble Coworking, introduced herself and spoke briefly about Ensemble Coworking.  This is a shared office space; “where executive suites of yesteryear meets coffee shop” with 12 private offices available, a media office, and conference rooms.  Space ranges from small to large that can accommodate 6-60 people and even individuals who work from home but prefer an office setting to combat the isolation.  Other perks include technology, WiFi, a full kitchen with oven/stove, dishes.  They can accommodate birthday parties, Mother’s Day, graduation parties, etc.  Also, in the back there is a patio with 3 tables (WiFi reaches patio).  $200 per month is lowest level to rent and upwards depending on needs. The website listed above will provide additional information.  Parking is available in the rear, gated, with access code provided to clients.  


II.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the meeting held on February 20, 2018 were distributed around the room.  They were also sent via email to all participating residents as well as posted in the newsletter.  Motion to approve.  Approved, and seconded.


Front porch gathering: Sunday May 20 from 4:00-6:00 at 2132 Weatherbee hosted by John and Shelly ________________.  Question: what is the purpose? Mark Philpot, Vice President of MHA, spoke up that this originally began when he and his neighbor, Jim Peipert, would gather on their porch for a beer.  It occurred to them that maybe other people would enjoy the same opportunity to relax with friends, socialize, and get to know people in the neighborhood.  Therefore, it evolved to include everyone interested.

Movie night: Saturday June 9 from 7:30-10 at Newby Park

MHA & Berkeley Pool Party: Tuesday August 21 at 7:00 pm.  FREE!  Location: Forest Park Pool; it will be closed to the public but open to Mistletoe and Berkeley residents.

Next neighborhood meeting: Tuesday August 21 at 7:00 pm. Location: TBA.  If anyone is interested in hosting a meeting, please get in touch with one of the officers (contact info below).


Sidewalk update: Mr. Clint Hoover, was introduced and spoke about sidewalks that will be installed along 2 streets in MH. During his talk he referred to pictures he brought showing where the work will take place.  Work will begin in June 2018 along both streets Mistletoe Drive (2300) and Mistletoe Blvd (2200).  Mistletoe Drive configuration will be done as close to the curve as possible due to the “legacy” trees.  The timeline is about 4 months.  Work will also include a new ramp on the south aspect of Triangle Park, and at the corner of Buck & Magnolia.  Clint Hoover will be responsible for the project. He specified further that he will not be involved with design but rather mobilize the contractor when work begins.  In addition to ramps and sidewalks, there will be four lamps installed along 2300 block of Mistletoe Drive.  The lamp style: TPW, Washington with acorn top.  They will match the majority of lamps in the neighborhood.  Bulb will be sodium vapor and not as bright as LED lights.  Conduit will be underground.  Contractor: The Fain Group.  This concluded Mr. Hoover’s visit. 

NPO: Officer Meyer was the next guest introduced.  He wanted to address the issue of how communication occurs between police officers and MH residents (in reference to recent events where there was escalated police activity in our area along with helicopters hovering).  NPOs work 8-4pm.  At 4:01pm their radio and phones are off.  So when this situation occurred, he was unaware of it until the following day when his shift began again.  The next day, when he spoke with Mark Philpot, Mark knew more than he did about what occurred and why which is a positive mark for how resourceful we are as a neighborhood, e.g., we are our own good resources.  However, when police officers are in pursuit any individual, they will let us know only what they want us to know.  If you see something suspicious then call the NPO, if it is after hours then call the Nonemergency number.  Both Officer Meyer and new incoming NPO Officer Carpenter prefer to be reached via email: cory.carpenter@forthworthtexas.gov

Officer Cory Carpenter was then introduced by Officer Meyers.  He will be taking over as our new NPO.  Officer Carpenter then spoke briefly on his background and experience. 

Mistletoe Station and Quiet Zones at RR Crossings: Josh Lindsay presented information regarding the new apartment building that will be built on Mistletoe Blvd east of the RR tracks, by Saigebrook Development and how it will impact quiet zones. He attended a meeting on design and the name for this new apartment building will be called Mistletoe Station.  A rendering was handed out to all attendees that referenced changes that will take place in that area including a new street; Beckham place.  Along Mistletoe Blvd there are three old live oak trees that will be fenced off and kept alive. A sidewalk will be installed connecting the sidewalk west of the RR tracks, running east across the RR tracks. It will be during this modification of the RR tracks that a quiet zone will be installed.  Traffic calming measures will be adding a raised median with striping on the street that guides you along that channel.  The street work may be done by end of 2018.  Saigebrook may break ground by July.  Leslie Creek that runs along this area will be redone which will improve flood control. Size: limited to 4 stories (first floor is garage). 

Treasury Report: Jeri Jo Blackmon distributed the Income & Expenses sheet referencing January 1 through May 14, 2018.  Items mentioned included miscellaneous income: $145, LBC donation $600, water expense for the berm: $700.  There was a discussion on the berm and the expense.  Suggestion: determine if the drip irrigation is on a water-saving schedule.  Corey Bearden said he would get with James and pursue this.


Triangle Park: Robert De Vargas discussed what is involved with getting water and electricity to the Triangle.  After an in-depth investigation and communication with the city, he was able to provide a thorough account of the finances involved with this endeavor.  Salient points will follow:

·         The land is too small to be a park. MHNA will need to apply for “Adopt a Median”.

·         Water Line cost: $2430. Timeline: 6-8 weeks.

·         Irrigation Materials and Installation: $5087.  Timeline: 1 week.

·         Cost to put in grass: seed $500, sod: $7000.


Motion to support this plan of action by using $10,000 MHA funds.  Discussion: What is being negotiated with the city, we need to know this before going forward with this plan, i.e., will they agree to continue mowing the grass?  Motion seconded to approve use of $10,000 monies with present MHA officers in charge of this process.

Dues comment: Only 30% of the 500 people in our neighborhood pay dues.  We need more advertisers as that is a big part of our money source. 


Sound Wall located at Rosedale and Mistletoe Drive: is there anything happening with it? No.  It is considered a complete project. City will not do anything else about it.  Legally the city only had to mitigate noise from Chisholm trail, not the RR or the freeway.  Presently the wall is not tall enough to reduce noise.


Announcement: Mr. Smith, resident at 2300 Magnolia, made an announcement that he and his wife are hosting the FW Symphony this Sunday from 4-6 pm.  They do this every year and it is the one time they get invited to something and they don’t have to play.  There will be drinks, food, and great company.  Please stop by!  Sunday May 20 from 4-6pm.

Meeting adjourned


How to reach the Mistletoe Heights Officers:

President: Corey Bearden              michael.corey.bearden@gmail.com

Vice President: Mark Philpot          mark@leaguere.com

Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmo n          JeriJo@charter.net

Newsletter: Hannah Parks             hannah.penley@gmail.com

                    Jeff Parks                     jeffdparks@gmail.com

Secretary: Val Ewing                      agdoc05@hotmail.com