Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

November 15, 2016.  7:00-8:30 pm

The Jung Residence @ 2340 Mistletoe Drive



Officers: Josh Lindsay, Chad Jung, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Mary Ellen Piepert

Secretary: Val Ewing

Neighbors: 25 per attendance sheet

Special guests: Officer Caprio, Detra Brown, Jackson Key


7:06 Meeting called to order by Josh Lindsay, President of MHA. Guest, Detra Brown, was introduced.  She is our contact with the city's graffiti abatement program. She discussed the sound wall and began by expressing gratitude to the people calling in to report graffiti. She said they still need people to call in graffiti, even if you know that someone else has reported it, as it helps with her role as our advocate. The sound wall is owned and managed by TxDOT, NTTA, City of FW, and the RR. There is some conflict as to where ownership gets transferred to the city.  The RR is private and difficult to engage in this conversation. Ann Zadeh has been supportive with contacts uniting all divisions.  A neighbor reported that when you contact TxDOT, it goes to Austin then returns to each district.  Suggestion: bombard the district so that people in upper level management feel pressure to address the issue.


Detra explained that graffiti is not gang related and has no meaning or threat; however, the longer it stays there, it is called "burn" and gives recognition to the graffiti world and encourages even more graffiti. The goal of graffiti abatement is to abate graffiti as quickly as possible. Q: if graffiti is gang related, do they respond quicker? No.  Q: About resistant paint: if graffiti gets removed so does the resistant material. Q: If wall is covered in ivy would it help deter graffiti? Unfortunately, no grant money is allocated for this. Detra Hall's guest appearance concluded and she left the meeting.  


7:35: Josh introduced our next guest: Officer Caprio, who began by explaining that he is our neighborhood police officer. Q: A resident took a photo of a panhandler, and has never seen this panhandler since that time. Officer Caprio confirmed that he has taken several to jail. He emphasized that he gives panhandlers second chances by taking them to homeless shelters first and providing them with helpful resources.  Comment: Thank you Officer Caprio for your support of us taking pictures of panhandlers as it allows us to participate in the solution.  Caprio: if panhandlers don't get harassed they will not go away.  He also stated that he has never had problems, like violence, with these people. For the most part they are harmless. If you want to reach him, his number is: 817-856-8609.  Comment regarding recent email from Officer McClellan addressing risky driving on FPB. Caprio mentioned that the skinny roads cause more traffic issues on busy days. Comment: Speed has gone down compared to before the road diet. The concern now is drivers illegally passing in the middle turn lane. Comment: Speed seemed more controlled on FPB when the speed signs were up, can the city put them back? Officer Caprio reiterated that he is the neighborhood police officer and he plays no role in the city planning division.


Josh: Thanked Officer Caprio for writing a letter supporting measures that would decrease traffic speed on Jerome. As a result, the city approved a 4-way stop at Mistletoe Ave and Jerome.  This concluded Officer Caprio’s visit and he left the meeting.


7:46 Minutes from the last neighborhood meeting were distributed.  A motion was made to approve the minutes.  The motion was seconded and approved.


7:48 Chad Jung, Vice President of MHA, thanked everyone for attending and asked if everyone would introduce ourselves.


8:00 Treasury Report: Jeri Jo Blackmon, Treasurer of MHA, passed around the treasury statement.  Salient points: dues donations are up this year compared to last.  This is the last month your name will be listed as a dues donor in the newsletter.  Expenses: most is spent on the newsletter and at this time we are ahead on advertisers so we are no longer losing money on the newsletter. Q: ny thoughts on updating the directory?  Response: This type of project takes volunteers going house to house to get updated information. Other idea: digital directory? This creates privacy issues.


8:06: Newsletter: Mary Ellen Piepert, who is in charge of the MH Newsletter, asked if anyone took pictures of the block party that was on the 1300 block of Mistletoe drive October 22nd? Please send them in so we can put them in the newsletter. Also, we need material for future newsletters and any input is appreciated.  Suggestion: many residents living here have small businesses and it would be nice to know who these people are and what their business is. Reply: Facebook page can display that information; our neighborhood email does not permit advertising.


8:08 Welcome baskets/New Neighbors: If you know of someone new to the neighborhood, please let Josh or Mary Ellen know their names. Development: Randy Primrose is developer of the new apartment complex on Jerome and Rosedale.  At this time, there is no new information to report. Josh reported asking the city about parking along Newby Park. The city’s response: they are going to wait and see what happens first.


8:09 New Business: Jackson Key, a Mistletoe Heights resident, was introduced and he discussed his Eagle Scout project that involved repairing the base of the neighborhood sign.  It is located at the NE corner of FPB and Rosedale.  Jackson stated that to become an eagle scout, you have to plan and execute a service project that helps the community. He chose to repair the base of the MH sign by replacing the deteriorating railroad ties with new ones.  It took 18 volunteers and 100 hours.  Cost in materials was $709.52, which MHA reimbursed.  Labor was free. Jackson was thanked for his time and effort that went into this project.  A motion was made to donate to Jackson’s troop in the amount of $100.  The motion was seconded and approved.


8:14 Old Business: there are two sidewalk projects in progress right now: one is located at the 2200 block of Mistletoe Blvd (between FPB & Jerome), the second is the 2300 block of Mistletoe Drive between Edwin and FPB. Latest update: approval process will begin after the New Year.   

Ann Zadeh reported that someone from our neighborhood asked about the silt collection on the Trinity River. Update: it is nearing completion but it will be several months before the silt is dry and can be removed.


8:19 Honoring Drew Medford:  discussion included dedicating the backstop at Newby Park in his memory.  A suggestion was made to obtain a plaque from Trophy Arts on White Settlement.  Mrs. Jung volunteered to help coordinate this project.  


8:20 Christmas tree at the triangle: Do we want to do this again?  Resident spoke up opposing the idea suggesting that decorating the light poles with red ribbon is enough.  Discussion about how we can make the triangle more festive.  The current trees could be strung with lights sometime in the future when the triangle has power.  Suggestion: solar lights? Not bright enough and can't compete with street lights. A motion was made to place a Christmas Tree at the triangle.  The motion was denied due to lack of interest.


8:25 Volunteers needed: 1. Yard of the month volunteer: it's only 6 times a year starting in April. Even a group of people could work together. 2. Gardening at Newby:  we need someone to help water and weed the plants at Newby Park.


8:30 Plants at the trailhead located near Rosedale and Mistletoe Drive: A MH resident has been attending to weeds that threaten to take over.  Do we let it go or form a committee to monitor and take care of this area? Q: What is planted there now? Ornamental grass, Mexican Heather, and Cedar trees. Suggestion: mulch. Can we designate funds towards this project with someone overseeing it? It was estimated that about 6 hours of work and $300 budget will be needed.  Rosaline Eastepp Takes has agreed to oversee this project.  A motion was made to approve $300 for the project.  The motion was seconded and approved.  


8:37 Officer Elections: Stephen McReynolds announced that there are no new candidates and the current officers have volunteered to keep their positions. Josh asked for nominations from the floor.  There being none, a motion was made to retain the current officers for another year.  The motion was seconded and passed.  


2017 Officers for Mistletoe Heights Association:

President: Josh Lindsay

Vice President: Chad Jung

Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmon

Newsletter: Mary Ellen Peipert

Secretary: Valerie Ewing


8:39 pm Meeting adjourned.