Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Association Meeting

November 17, 2015 @ 7:00 – 8:30pm



Officers: Josh Lindsay, Chad Jung, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Mary Peipert, Valerie Ewing

Neighbors: 27

Special Guest Speaker: Tim Halden (tim@fortworthbikesharing.org)  

Host: Linda and Hank Pereth at 1126 Mistletoe Drive  


7:05 pm Meeting started with Josh Lindsay, MHA President, introducing the special guest speaker: Tim Halden of Fort Worth Bike Sharing.  What is bike sharing? It is a dense network of public-use bicycles designed to extend the reaches of a public transportation system.  It’s green, healthy and good for the environment.  It was born out of FW Transit Authority.  Federal grants pay for the equipment.  Each bike is equipped with GPS making it difficult for a bike to get stolen.  The bicycle vendor is a subsidiary of Trek.  Bike sharing is not bike rental.  How it works is you buy a membership and it covers thirty minutes per day.  Any minutes over 30 can accrue charges upwards of $100/day however if you dock your bike within the 30 minutes it resets the clock.  So in effect you can ride for 24 hours a day and not accrue additional charges if the bike is docked every 30 minutes.  Annual membership is $80 and you can sponsor a bike for $50/year which provides advertising. Mr. Halden’s speech was followed by Q&A then he was thanked for his time and left the meeting.


7:30 Call to Order by Josh Lindsay: Motion made to accept the minutes from the neighborhood meeting held on August 18 with motion seconded and approved. 


Officer Reports

·         Josh: Packages missing off of porches; a general call for everyone to keep alert for strange activity this season.  Thanks to Chandler Walters for the Sunday wine & walk that provides a great sense of community.

·         Chad: Researching sprinklers for the triangle.  Cost $4000 for installation.  It is yet unknown how much it will cost to provide power and water from the city.  We are looking into having a Christmas tree in the middle of the triangle this season.  Motion made to approve $750 to spend on the cost of a tree.  Seconded and approved.  The tree lighting will coincide with the annual Christmas party being held on December 6th.

·         Jeri Jo: Treasury Report.  Dues donations are up this year however the newsletter needs more advertisers in order to break even. 

·         Misc: Berm along Rosedale: trees are needed for sound buffer.  Josh mentioned that Cornell Gordon said work would start late October or early November however no activity yet.


8pm: Committee Reports

·         Berm Update: Rosaline Takes had previously chaired the berm/sound wall development however she is stepping down and a replacement is needed.  Robert Comacho volunteered himself.  Welcome Robert as new point person for the Berm and sound wall!

·         Jerome Sidewalks: Elizabeth Northern – sidewalks have been delayed until sometime in 2016.

·         Apartment complex adjacent to Newby Park: Randy Primrose is the founder of Magnolia Property Company; the developers of this new multi-resident building.  Although we have no official word, the design may be similar to other works they have done which include Magnolia Lofts on Vickery (801 Vickery) and Magnolia Park (2901 West 5th street).  It will be about 3 stories with 30 units.  You can visit their website to see their projects: www.magnoliapropertycompany.com


8:15pm Old Business

Update on the bridge connecting our side with the bike trail north of the miniature train - we may see construction in summer 2016. 


8:20pm New Business

·         Bow Tying party Sunday 11/22 at 2pm

·         Frequency of Newsletter will be changed to every other month.  Motion to approve was seconded and passed.  Elisa Rode has been helping Mary Peipert with production and layout.  All in attendance agreed they have been doing a beautiful job.


8:29pm New Officer Elections

Steve McReynolds: all current officers have agreed to continue on for the next year. 


President: Josh Lindsay

Vice President: Chad Jung

Secretary: Val Ewing

Treasurer: Jeri Jo Blackmon

Newsletter: Mary Ellen Peipert



8:31 pm Meeting adjourned.