Mistletoe Heights Officers Meeting

April 19, 2015 @ 5-6:30 pm

Attendees: Josh Lindsay, Chad Jung, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Mary Ellen Peipert, Valerie Ewing

Guest: Rosaline Takes


5:05pm Meeting started with Rosaline Takes bringing us up to date on a meeting she attended with the City of Fort Worth.  City Engineers Brian Beck and Carl Dezee along with City Council Member Ann Zadeh were at the meeting and the subject of the sound wall and berm was discussed.  Of biggest concern was the area between the wall and berm on the neighborhood side where there is a large trough that a person could stand in and not be seen from the street.  This is not a new issue and in the past the City indicated they would be “taking care of it” but at this meeting it was evident this is no longer the case.  Bottom line: they are not going to do anything about it.  A sprinkler system will be installed on our side of the wall this Fall 2015.  One mistletoe heights resident suggested putting a sidewalk or walking path along the high side of the berm and the foot traffic would dissuade any potential nefarious activity.  There is a wall committee that consists of four residents: Gill, Rogers, Camacho and Takes.  They have been monitoring and dealing with the sound wall from the beginning.


5:41pm Josh Lindsay had several emails from residents bringing up a medley of concerns and these were discussed individually.


5:45pm We need a place for the next quarterly meeting held on May 19th at 7pm.  We also need someone who will have the Christmas party in their home on December 6th at 6pm.


5:50 pm Guest speaker at the next meeting might be Rita Beving who is with Clean Water Fund.  She discusses water saving landscaping. 


6:00 pm Josh Lindsay had a meeting with Fort Worth South discussing rezoning of the area east of the RR tracks changing it from a T5I (highest industrial, i.e. 10 story building) to a T4 which would limit the building to 4 stories or less.  The city is not going to do anything about the rezoning because the land owners have opted out of the discussion.  Instead Fort Worth South is investigating adopting a memorandum that would limit their help only to those projects that would fall into the T4 designation in that area.  Developers want the funds and other help Fort Worth South offers so this might keep development more appropriate without having to go through a rezoning process. 

6:05pm May 9th is movie night at Newby Park at 8pm.  The movie will be family friendly. 


6:10 pm Trey Eason from near Southside Alliance wants to set up a meeting with Ann Zadeh because people are not happy with what is happening with the historic preservation.


6:32pm Meeting adjourned.