Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

August 19, 2014 7:00 – 8:45pm


Officer Attendees: Kyle Jenson, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Ben Belsher and Valerie Ewing.
Other Attendees:  18 neighbors

Special Guests: Mr. Kim Mote, Rebecca Brandt, Enid Havis, Marcus Knight.

Host: Gerry and Meralen Tyson 1351 Mistletoe Drive

Secretary: Valerie Ewing


7:05pm Kyle Jenson, President of Mistletoe Heights Association, started the meeting by introducing the special guests.  The first speaker was Mr. Kim Mote who is the Assistant Director, Department of Environmental Management, Solid Waste Services Division in Fort Worth.  He presented a slide show of information that can be found at the following website in pdf format: http://www.cleanairinfo.com/sustainableskylines/documents/Presentations/Track3/Session5

7:07pm Mr. Kim Mote:  The functional structure of our waste management is a “Pay-as-you-throw” system meaning the more garbage you put on the curb, the more you will pay.   The weekly collection program includes garbage, recycling and yard waste.  Garbage carts come in three different sizes and the monthly charge depends on size: 32 gallon = $12.50, 64 = $17.50 and 96 = $22.75.  Recycling is encouraged but not mandatory.  The monthly collection of Bulk Waste is included in the charges and includes up to 10 cubic yards.  Garbage collection is handled by several contractors and the Fort Worth Landfill is operated by Republic Services.   If a cart is damaged, call it in and it will be fixed at no extra charge as they are city-owned carts.  Finally, there are Drop Off stations at no extra cost to the resident.  Unfortunately, there are some who illegally dump garbage and cleanup costs tax payers 1.25 Million dollars annually.  Number to remember: 817-392-1234; they take calls for a number of issues or concerns, i.e., street light out or not working, dead animal in the road, etc.   The budget is 56 Million and 74% is outsourced via contractors.  So when items are placed into a recycle bin that does not belong there, it costs the city five times more to have it removed.   About 20% of stuff in recycle bins should not be there.   However, recycling is encouraged because the space taken up in the landfill that could have been recycled is using up space that we will need twenty years from now.  Rates for garbage collection have not increased since 2006 and will likely stay the same for a couple more years. 

Collection Challenges: 

Why are piles missed? Car blocking, under a power line, bulk items not permitted, truck already went by, driver missed it (it happens) or if there is a large brush pile a driver may report it and a truck will come by in the next 1-2 days to pick it up. 

Why is a cart missed? Blocked by another car is not an acceptable excuse because the driver is expected to get out and relocate the cart, the cart may be under a power line, the cart contains items not allowed (example yard waste in a blue recycle container), cart was set out too late (driver already went by), cart too far onto property (drivers are not permitted to go onto the property). 

Mr. Kim Mote concluded his discussion by leaving his contact information: office number:  817-392-5153. Email: Kim.mote@fortworthtexas.gov 

7:30pm: At this point, Mr. Mote introduced Marcus Knight of Knight Waste Services who then gave a brief discussion on their company and the new trucks expected to be out later this year that will include cameras to monitor the drivers in “real time”.

Questions posed to Mr. Mote:

1.        If a person owns a duplex and the other side is vacant, why are they still paying for garbage collection if it is not being used?  Answer: There will be a charge for any residential place where there is water service regardless of occupancy.  So in effect, to avoid a garbage collection charge, water service needs to be disconnected.

2.       Mr. Mote brought up the recent emails reporting carts not picked up. His response was you can either report it online or call.   

3.       The cart was partially emptied.  Question from Mr. Mote: were the contents packed in too tightly and thus jammed?  Reply:  No the contents were very light weight but the error may have been due to the driver not waiting long enough for the cart to completely empty.  Mr. Mote responded by indicating the drivers will be educated on this matter.

7:45pm: Academy4 Shaping Leaders 4 Life:  Guest speakers Enid Havis and Rebecca Brandt presented a brief video on the program.  The main goal is to provide one-on-one mentoring to disadvantaged fourth graders.  They are in need of people who can volunteer time once a month to spend with a fourth grader.  Leaders are Listeners Club: people are brought in from the community to teach students skills like cooking, taekwondo, guitar, golf etc.  The only requirement is that you be present or “show up” and be with the child and learn a skill with them; give them your time.  The actual time spent will be less than two hours:  1:15 to 2:55pm on a Friday once a month and it can change a child’s life.  The students are very excited to have this opportunity to spend with an adult.  Academy4 has a benefactor so although donations are welcomed, what they really need are people to mentor kids.  They ask for a commitment of 9 months. 

How to get involved? Fill out a volunteer information card, email Doug Widger at: info@academy4.net

Write: Doug Widger 1800 West Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Phone: 817-909-2241  Fax: 817-332-2640

Schools: Daggett Elementary and DeZavala Elementary

Website: www.academy4.net


8:00pm: Guest Speakers were done and left the meeting.

 8:01pm President Kyle Jenson called the meeting to order.  Previous minutes to meeting from July 2014 were accepted.  

8:02pm: Committee Reports

Ben Belsher – Development report: The lot for sale located north of Newby Park may be the sight of a new 3-5 story apartment complex.  Mistletoe Heights has formed a development committee similar to the one formed when the Price Hulsey townhomes were being proposed.  This committee will meet with the developers.  Mr. Belsher will lead the committee and if you want any input into this new development, please contact Ben Belsher to get involved.  The first meeting is Wednesday August 27.

Question: how many units? 50-80 with iron fencing around the complex. 

8:14pm: Rosaline Takes – Sound Wall: Work resumed two months ago with expected completion sometime in November at the earliest.  Following that will be sprinkler repair and landscaping.  The goal of the sound wall is to avoid an increase in the noise level from the new freeway. 

8:23pm: Aaron Shutt – Gas Well Report: They will be drilling a second well soon which may increase the royalty check.  On average it is about $100 per year.  Therefore, over the long term it is not valuable in terms of whether to keep the mineral rights or not in the event of a house sale or purchase. 

8:26pm: Kathy Jo Rogers – Welcome Report: Since February 2014 they have delivered 13 baskets.  If you know of someone who is new to our neighborhood, please pass on their information

8:28pm Stefanie Piwetz - Newsletter: not discussed. 

8:29pm Andrew Clogg - Sidewalks on Jerome:  Per David, from the city of Fort Worth, if we get enough support we could have sidewalks in the next year.  A letter was sent out to residents in the immediate area to determine feedback and opinion.  So far more disapprove than approve; however, 75% have not responded.  New sidewalks will not cost the homeowner.  If you want to help out please contact Andrew Clogg.   

8:34pm Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasury Report:  Summary of the Income/Expenses was distributed to all in attendance and a detailed review ensued.  Some salient points:  overall we are behind in dues donations.  So far only 42 families have donated compared to 80 families last year at this time.  Garage sale expenses were ~$200 due to the new signs but these can be reused.  Fourth of July parade cost $619 because of the jump house and snow cones.  We will plan to do this again unless there is a lot of feedback against it. MHA main source of the income is advertising.

8:41pm Kyle Jenson – Additional Reports: national night out is coming up, Car stickers will be discussed next meeting. 

8:42pm New Business - RosalineTakes asked if we were interested in doing another Fall cleanup.  Those in attendance agreed.  Mrs. Takes will organize another cleanup for October so be on the lookout for information and how to get involved.

8:43pm Kyle Jenson announced that he will be resigning as President of Mistletoe Heights this November.  He will be relocating closer to work.  He stated that it has been fun being President and a part of this wonderful community. 

8:45pm Request Motion to close meeting: motion granted; meeting adjourned.