Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Meeting

May 20, 2014 7-8:40pm


Officer Attendees: Kyle Jenson, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Ben Belsher, Stephanie Piwetz, Scott Ewing.  
Other Attendees: 20 Mistletoe Heights Neighbors.

Guest Speakers:  Barry Cram and Pamela Cannell  

Secretary: Valerie Ewing


7:05pm Kyle Jenson, President of Mistletoe Heights Association, started the meeting with a brief reminder of inclement weather and safety concerns for the residents of our neighborhood. A map of home plots with street names in Mistletoe Heights was passed around with requests to highlight homes with basements.  Then the first guest speaker was introduced. 

7:12pm Guest Speaker #1: Barry Cram Field Organizer, Fort Worth with NEXTDOOR, Building stronger and safer neighborhoods, together. www.nextdoor.com/fw 

Mr. Barry Cram is an employee at Nextdoor, a website focused on community involvement.  Nextdoor is a social platform and grassroots concept that anyone can start.  What you put into it you get out of it and you set the boundaries.   Individuals can join but a business cannot.

Three Concepts: Local, Secure and Useful

1.       Local: Nextdoor is Geo-Specific.  You cannot join Mistletoe Heights if you do not live in Mistletoe Heights.  This applies to every neighborhood within Nextdoor.

2.       Secure: You have to sign in with your real name and address.  You can be verified by typing in your phone number, social security number, etc.  There is no charge to join, it’s a free site where your information is not sold nor shared.

3.       Useful: Nextdoor is for your neighborhood.  For instance, a place to list favorite contractors, service people like plumbers, businesses, garage sales or individual items for sale.  It’s also useful for crime prevention and safety as it establishes a means of communication between neighbors especially when nefarious activities are observed.  In addition, members can opt to receive texts in the event of emergencies or urgent notification. 

7:31pm Guest Speaker #2: Pamela Cannell – a Mistletoe Heights resident who represents the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition: 2 Seconds is too long.  She shared some unfortunate facts: Texas is the #1 state for pool drownings.  Tarrant County is #2 county for pool drownings.  Drowning is a silent killer, a public epidemic in our area.  If you see someone in a pool flailing their arms then that is someone who is getting air into their lungs.  Someone who is actually drowning, you will not hear it that is why it is imperative for all children to be watched at all times in and around swimming pools.  The Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition is a volunteer driven group.  Some eye-opening stats: 70% of African Americans cannot swim, 60% of Latino Americans cannot swim and yet most drowning deaths that occur between the ages 1-4 are Caucasian occurring in their own backyard pool.  There are 3500 fatal, unintentional drownings per year in America – averaging 10 per day. 

The drowning coalition is focused on drowning prevention, not stroke work.  Classes will be held at the Forest Park Pool next Tuesday thru Friday beginning May 27 at 6pm.  The cost is $5. They are also looking for volunteers to help teach kids drowning prevention.  They are in need of lifejackets if you can donate any you’re either not using or would like to purchase for the cause: they can be bought at Sports Academy for $12.  Other sessions will be held at the Westside and Eastside YMCA: for more information: www.swimsafeFW.org or you can call: 817-392-6862 or email: fire.safety@fortworthtexas.gov

7:42pm Meeting called to order

Committee Reports

7:43pm Ben Belsher – Development Report: 1. Price Hulsey structures are up with four 2-story buildings available for rent when complete.  For more information: www.mistletoeheightstownhomes.com 2. Westbend shopping center, located on University Ave across from University Park Village, construction is happening now:  There will be a Fresh Market grocer with completion date summer 2015.  3.  The area near Torchy’s and Hilton Garden will have a Jason’s Deli but presently construction is being held up by City issues.  4.  Zoo is expanding; they are adding a water park and Africa Exhibit.  5.  Work will be starting immediately to add curbs and sidewalks that service Forest Park Pool.  
7:48pm Rosaline Takes – Sound Wall Report: The sound wall had a previous completion date of June 2014 which is now delayed.  Joel Burns’ office called the NTTA regarding the delay and was told that the recent freeway opening held up the wall construction. However, the builders on the sound wall are not working on the freeway.  When the builder was questioned, it was discovered they were pulled off the sound wall to work at a project in Houston.  
Backstory on the sound wall:  Wall discussions started in 1995, 4 homes were involved, the residents voted yes with the wall being built on top of the berm.  Shortly afterward, a resident called NTTA saying they represented the Mistletoe Heights residents and requested it be moved and this was approved.  The other residents wanted it changed back, NTTA said no but allowed concessions, i.e., landscaping.  About a year ago a similar thing happened when a Mistletoe Heights resident called NTTA asking that the wall not be built so now NTTA is fed up with Mistletoe Heights.  At this point, if any resident has a concern about the sound wall, please contact Rosaline Takes as she is our liaison for the sound wall and NTTA communication.  
7:59pm Stefanie Piwetz - Newsletter Report: Newsletter will be out shortly, thanks to all who sent in goodwill notes for our newsletter.  
8:00pm Kathy Jo Rogers/Diana Brandenberg – Welcome Report:  after taking over the welcome baskets for Alex and Beth, there have been 6 welcome baskets delivered.  If you know of a new resident, including those who are renters, please notify the new welcome committee.  Any information is useful: name, address, children or pets?  Kathy Jo: 817-688-0905 Diana Brandenberg: 214-734-9140
8:07pm Scott Ewing – Website Report: We are still in need of help with the Mistletoe Heights website: updating, chasing down information.  For instance, a person asked for a number to reserve the Newby Park picnic area because the number on the website was incorrect.  
8:09pm Aaron Shutt – Gas Well Report: no new reports or changes.  
8:10pm Andrew Clogg – Sidewalks on Jerome Report: Principle of Lily B Clayton submitted letters to City on behalf of Mistletoe Heights. The sidewalks are included in the Bond money.  Joel Burns says they are on the list but remember, with Bond money, the city sells the bonds to get money and then they prioritize where and how it is spent.  So the Jerome sidewalks are a year out at least. Overall the impression is positive but it will take a while.  In Fall 2014 the “walk with the Mayor” will include walking along Jerome to help highlight the safety concerns. 
Q&A: A discussion between those present on whether a contractor has to be licensed with the City in order to put in a sidewalk in our neighborhood. 
8:21pm Jeri Jo Blackmon – Treasury Report: Handout listing income and expenses was passed around for viewing.  Not much in dues has been received yet.   Money has been donated for Park Bench repairs at the Triangle.  

8:24pm Volunteers Needed:

·         Historical Preservation: need someone to help in monitoring homes being built (Example the house on Harrison) as well as monitoring the preservation and integrity of original homes.

·         Web Design – need help keeping the website up to date on a month to month basis.

·         Webmaster – looking for someone who can take over this position. 

·         Email Moderator – Kelly Holsey has volunteered to be the moderator.  Richard Yantis will help with the transition. 

8:32pm Miscellaneous topics: Garage Sale was a success this year.  Movie night had 92 people in attendance, next one is this Fall.  Triangle Benches: Donation to repair benches was sent in by Susie Mitchell.  Steve McReynolds has volunteered to repair the benches.  July 4th Parade will be at the triangle, actual time to be announced later by Kyle Jenson.  Please, no motorized scooters.  Mayor’s triathlon will bike through Mistletoe Heights with a cheer station on FPB.  
8:36pm Susie Mitchell - National Night Out: This occurs on the first Tuesday of October.  Residents turn on their Porch lights and lights on in the house then go outside.  It is meant to increase awareness about police programs in communities, such as drug prevention, town watch, neighborhood watch and other anti-crime efforts.  
Car Stickers – will be discussed next meeting. 
8:37pm Meeting Adjourned.