Mistletoe Heights Committee Meeting

April 15, 2014 7-8:45pm

Attendees: Kyle Jenson, Jeri Jo Blackmon, Ben Belsher, Stephanie Ball Piwetz plus 5 guests: Roger Ross, Kathy McReynolds, Martin Herring, Susan Willis, Richard Yantis.

Secretary: Valerie Ewing


7:05pm Meeting called to order by Kyle Jenson, President of Mistletoe Heights Association.

Minutes from previous meeting reviewed and accepted.

Special Guests: Roger Ross, Kathy McReynolds, Martin Herring, Susan Willis and Richard Yantis.

Committee Reports


Historical Preservation: Martin Herring and Kathy McReynolds 

Kathy McReynolds:  The origins of the historical preservation date back over a decade ago when a house on Mistletoe Drive was purchased then torn down because the new owners did not want to spend the money to fix it.  The initial process of forming the Historical Preservation took over a year and was led by a group of people who held street meetings on every street to obtain a majority to vote in favor which would then be submitted to the city for final approval.  At the time it was called “Historic Lite” with guidelines established; the main one being ‘do not tear down an existing house and do not change the house’.  This group of people worked very hard and there were some residents against it.  Presently, the process in place to protect homes is a person has to report it to the city then the city will step in.  Since its origin, there have been turnovers with staff and the board has changed dramatically.  Kathy McReynolds and Martin Herring were the only two on the committee originally, now there are more people and it is still a lot of work. 

Martin Herring: The area east of Jerome had smaller lots and was treated differently.  Larger homes were being built which would take up a substantial portion of the lot. The people in this area preferred it this way so it was treated like a “different animal” than the rest of Mistletoe Heights.  The key with guidelines is scale.  A newly built home should be in scale with the immediate and adjacent homes.   The new house being built on Harrison, the lot was built up giving it the additional appearance of not being built to scale. Historic Cultural Landmarks Committee (HCLC): the words “we suggest” is the norm but does not allow for enforcement.  Presently the Historical Committee has 2 active members: Roger Ross and Susan Willis.

Susan Willis: The builder of the home on Harrison is by Clarity /Banister Homes and during the initial phase, certain items did get pushed back, i.e., garage in the back instead of in front, etc.   

Kyle Jenson: Kyle met with the builders and they said they spoke with the historical preservation and submitted plans on 5 different occasions.  They do not feel they broke any rules.  However, next time they will do things differently.

Susan Willis: Clarity Homes never “spoke” with us in person. Communication was via email. 


Closing statement: Do guidelines work? Can they be changed?  We need more people on the committee. 



Email Moderating Guidelines: Richard Yantis is one of the email moderators.  Email guidelines were provided to everyone in attendance and discussed.  Is it time to make emails more restrictive?  And potentially route most emails pertaining to people’s opinions via a different media site, i.e., Facebook?  The main goal is to address the heated nature of people’s opinions and avoid unnecessary emails without censuring a person’s voice. 

Richard Yantis is resigning as lead moderator.  We need 2-3 more moderators.  Also, need to consider generic responses to people’s emails when they’re not being approved to avoid the moderator being blamed.


Development Report: Townhomes being built on the southeast corner of Jerome and Mistletoe Blvd are underway. 



League of Neighborhood report: The last meeting had two speakers and they discussed property taxes and how to protest it.  The next meeting will be held this Saturday April 19 from 10-12pm at University Church. 



Newsletter Report: Bruce Horn sent a letter that will be in the next newsletter about yard maintenance and he has asked to be judge for the yard of the month. 



Treasury Report: Dues request will begin this May and extend through October.  Envelopes will go out in the May Newsletter. 



Miscellaneous Subjects:

Garage Sale: was a success and there was a great turnout. 

Movie Night: May 16, 2014 at 8:30pm. Movie TBD. 

Thank you Cards: finish signing them.  For advertisers, new neighbors, etc.

Website Changes: no new report

Evacuation Plan: it’s a work in progress.  The next meeting will provide an update on where to go in the event of a tornado.

Sidewalks on Jerome: Update from Andrew Clogg is pending.

N2 Publishing: They approached Kyle and offered their services.  N2 Publishing is a company that specializes in neighborhood publications for communities.  Founded in 2004, it is based out of Wilmington, NC and their slogan is: Turning Neighborhoods into Communities.  N2 Publishing works with homeowners associations to customize each publication with stories and photographs provided by the local residents. Final thought: something we will look into but not thought to be something Mistletoe Heights Association needs right now. 



Addition Reports:

Newby Park – city manages the mowing but Mistletoe Heights is responsible for everything else like watering, landscaping, etc. 

Triangle - benches are in disrepair and Mistletoe Heights is responsible, not the city.  One option is to approach the Mistletoe Heights residents and ask for donations as well as estimates for repairs.  The benches are iron with wood.  The Iron portion appears in good shape.  The wood slats that make up the seat and back are broken and need to be replaced.


8:46pm Meeting Adjourned.