Mistletoe Heights Committee Meeting

March 18 at 7:00pm

Attendees: Kyle Jenson, Ben Belsher, Valerie Ewing

7:08 Meeting called to order by Kyle Jenson

Accept minutes as written.


7:25 Committee Reports

ByLaws: the bylaws were read out loud.  It was noted that the bylaws should be read at the beginning of everyone’s service. 

Development Report: the Condo’s being built at Jerome and Mistletoe Blvd should begin construction next month. 

Newsletter: April’s newsletter is going through final editing and then it will be complete.

Treasury Report: not discussed

Other Misc Topics:

Garage Sale signs have been placed in various areas to increase advertising.  Neighborhood garage sale is this weekend. 

                Sound wall is going slow during the “curing” phase of the wall construction.

                Thank you cards are complete.

                Directory – not discussed.

                Website Changes: no changes at this time.

                Easter Egg hunt will be in April

                Movie night in May

                Cheer station went well with a good turn-out for participation.

                Evacuation plan is on hold for the time being.

Volunteers needed: all positions have been filled at this time. 


7:45pm Meeting Closed.