2/18/2014 at 7-830pm


Facilitator and Meeting Called By: Kyle Jenson

Note Taker and Time Keeper: Valerie Ewing

Host: Sue and Bill Parrish at 2329 Mistletoe Drive

Special Guests: Michael Bennett and Randy Westerman


7:05p: Meeting Called to Order by Kyle Jenson


Guest #1: Mr. Michael Bennett is an Architect and CEO of Bennett Benner Pettit Architects.  Mr. Bennett discussed the WestBend shopping center plans in some detail.  The area will include retail shops, restaurants and a small grocery store.  The design is “Urban Streetscape” with narrower streets and landscaping/trees.  He was not able to tell us the names of retailers or restaurants except one Grimaldis Pizzeria.  Many restaurants will face the river. They worked with the FW Water District and were able to eliminate the fire lane that is along the river side thus opening up 20 more feet of space. Timeline: construction will start this June with completion date in 18 months. At some time in the future, there will be a pedestrian bridge crossing Trinity River further to the north and half of Vickery Street bridge will be for pedestrian use.  Both sides of the river will have trails.  As for pedestrians attempting to cross from WestBend to University Park, there will be another street light on University near Staples.



Big Announcement: Mistletoe Heights was recently recognized by the Texas Senate for our work and commitment to creating community. We now have a filed proclamation #521 honoring our neighborhood.  At the meeting, the original proclamation was presented to Mrs. Irene Stemple in honor of her and her late husband Norm Stemple. 



Guest #2: Mr. Randy Westerman works with Emergency Management, a division of Fort Worth Fire Dept.  He gave a presentation on severe weather and how to be prepared.  Check out the Website: www.knowhat2do.com/We get pretty good size storms in Texas with strong winds.  As example, On Lancaster 4/3/12 there was a F3 tornado.  He also cited many other examples of close calls in our vicinity.

Tornado safety tips:  seek shelter, stay away from windows, don’t try to outrun a tornado in a car, advance warning is not always possible, abandon mobile homes.  In your home, rule of thumb: avoid big open spaces; the smaller the room the better.  Ideally everyone should have a 3 day survival kit that includes first aid, food, water, etc.  Nixle offers text messages to alert people of bad weather. Check out: www.nixle.com/fortworth  text your zip code to 888777 and it will register your phone for future alerts. SNAP: special needs assistance program. 


Committee Reports:

Ben Belsher – Development Report: Price Hulsey is planning to build townhomes south of Newby Park.  Construction possibly to begin in March.  It will consist of four townhomes ~2000 sf each.  They are looking for long term renters.  

Irene Stemple – Directory update: will be sent out with the March Newsletter.

Rosaline Takes - Sound wall report: Discussions about the sound wall began in 2005 with construction beginning last month.  It will take 6 months to finish.  It has gone through some modifications since the original plan.  As for sprinklers, the idea was to have them repair the existing sprinkler system but this is no longer possible since it has been completely dug up.  Now the plan is to get the city and NTTA to provide a new sprinkler system.  They will plant grass, trees and the sound wall will have anti-graffiti coating and eventually vines to help obscure it.  Wall height: east end (Buck) will be 5 feet in height with it increasing as it goes west towards the end of Mistletoe Drive with a max height of 11 feet.  There is a committee in place to organize landscaping and an unnamed resident may donate larger trees that will go at the end of Mistletoe Drive. At the May meeting we may have a landscape plan. 

Kathy Jo Rogers and Diana Brandenberg – Welcome Report: They are the new welcome committee so if you know of someone who is new to our neighborhood, please let them know so that a welcome basket can be sent out.  Email:  Kathy Jo: marc.rogers@sbcglobal.net   Diana: dianakaypugh@aol.com


Aaron Shutt - Gas well report: They will only issue a check if it gets to $100.  At this time resident monetary benefits are averaging about $3 to $4 per month.  Unless you have a large piece of land, you will likely not see any money soon.


Andrew Clogg - Sidewalks on Jerome report: The goal is to have continuous sidewalks, on both sides of the street, along Jerome for the safety of the people and especially children who walk to Lily B Elementary.  The Principal of Lily B has agreed to sign off on a letter for this.  If everyone could send out emails it would be a big help in getting this accomplished.  Right now Mistletoe Heights is “at the top of the list” but we have been at the top of the list for years.  In order to make it happen, we will need to be more active in our approach.  Please join us in making this happen. 



Jeri Jo Blackmon - Treasury report: Overall we have seen an increase in donations.  So far 133 of 500 residents have donated.  Every little bit helps, even if you can only send in $20.  We still need more residents to donate.  The money helps pay for projects that benefit and/or beautify our neighborhood, i.e., welcome baskets, landscaping the Berm, new sign for Mistletoe Heights to replace the outdated one, signs to advertise the neighborhood garage sale (similar to Berkeley). The net income: ~$7700, Expenses ~4700 so the newsletter is making money.  To donate either send a check to Jeri Jo Blackmon or you can also donate online.  Annual donation drive is May through November, a 6 month period.



Still need volunteers!  Ad Rep and Yard of the Month Judge


Final Topics:

·         Zoo expansion, Baylor development, and WestBend construction shows that the economy is improving.

·         The Cowtown Marathon cheer station is this Sunday February 23rd at Park Place and Forest Park Blvd with runners coming by from 8-10am.  Kyle will be at the station by 7am.  Please help out and cheer on the runners! 

·         Neighborhood garage sale is March 29 (Saturday) – get your permit online, which is free.  The zoo run is that morning too so we could potentially see a lot of traffic.

·         Motions: $200 for more signs advertising our garage sale – passed.  $300 for movie night – passed.  Movie night is this May.


Meeting adjourned 8:31