11/19/2013 at 19:00 hours

Facilitator and Meeting Called By: Kyle Jenson

Note Taker and Time Keeper: Valerie Ewing

Attendees: 38 signed in

Host: Tom Cockerell at 1204 Mistletoe Drive


19:00 Welcome by Kyle Jenson


19:10 Guest Speaker – Joel Burns City Council Member for District 9

            Bond Package for District 9: Important issue for Fort Worth to determine funding for our council district.  Presently there are 4 council districts and money goes towards building new roads, parks and facilities like urban villages.  As an example, the Berry Village was allotted $10 million for improvements however, that money may now be spilt among all 4 districts.  There will be a meeting in December with a final Vote May 2014 on the 2nd Saturday.  In Sum, each district is different and has different needs.  Website for more information:  http://fortworthtexas.gov/2014bonds

            The city of Fort Worth is looking for a new city manager.  Tom Higgins announced his retirement after 27 years.  Mr. Higgins agreed to stay on until a proper replacement is found.  No timeline has been determined.

            The TEX Rail station for Mistletoe Heights is on hold for now.  The major concern is, how do we connect the last mile from Mistletoe Heights to the downtown station thus benefitting commuters with proper transport?

            Forest Park Road Diet: restriping is completed.  Still to come is the sequencing of lights to accommodate influxes of heavy traffic.  Initially, there was a “hiccup” when the Park Place Blvd light malfunctioned, this is now fixed.  Regardless of for or against, the goal is safety and the vote is in favor of traffic engineer’s suggestion; this is why it occurred.  The trial is for 3 months.  Thank Mayor Betsy Price for FPR diet as she made it happen after initial delay.

·         Question: concern about the initial area where 2 lanes merge: near Rosedale going south and again at Park Place Blvd going north.  Answer: it’s being monitored and adjustments will be made if necessary.

·         Question: 1104 Clara being demolished with possible plans to put 2 homes on the lot. Why isn’t that area protected by Historic Overlay? Answer: years ago, at the time the decision was made for historic protection, the people living in that area elected to not be included. 

·         Question: can we get sidewalks on Jerome for pedestrians walking to school, etc? Answer is yes, due to a “safe pathway” program that allots funds for this. 


19:30 Meeting called to order

1.      Mistletoe Heights Slogan – Organized by Alex Rodman.  Received 108 entries from 27 neighbors.  Final vote in favor of : Mistletoe Heights: A Front Porch Community by Kathy Jo Rogers

2.      Development around Mistletoe Heights – Ben Belsher.   Empty lot on SE corner of Jerome and Mistletoe Blvd plan is for “Mistletoe Townhomes” Builder: Price Hulsey 817-313-3396.  Latest plan is more appropriate for our neighborhood: 4 Rental Units (instead of 6), 2500 Sq Ft each with attached 2 car garages.  Garages are now located off of the street and there will be a grass easement between the street and sidewalk.  Unknown timeline but meeting to decide on final plans is December. 

3.      Updated MH Directory – Irene Stemple and Nickie Aubry. Deadline 11/20 for Advertisers.  Jim Peipert photographed houses to be placed in directory.

4.      Sound Wall – completion deadline is June 2014

5.      Newsletter for December, will print around the first week – Stephanie Piwetz

6.      Treasury Report – Jerry Jo Blackman: Dues donations have increased which explains the 9.6% increase from last year.  Only 25% of Mistletoe Heights residents donate.  Reviewed income and expenses. 

7.      Gas XTO Contract – Aaron Shutt taking over for the late Norm Stemple: Likely no royalty checks yet as Pipeline is not up and flowing.  Well sight is located north of I-30 behind the Hangmans House of Horrors business.  Price of natural gas increased, plan is to drill more wells at that site.  Good news: more money for royalty checks in April.  The noise decibel limits are actually lower than what is legally permitted (65 db). 

8.      Call for Volunteers as Committee members for the neighborhood.

·         Historian: Luke Ellis (the first MH President) volunteered for this position.

·         Secretary: Valerie Ewing

·         Still needed:

                                                              i.      Ad Rep to cover outstanding balances and keep track of payments and soliciting new ads.  ~ 2 hours per month.  Contact Stephanie Piwetz 817.201.1909 for details.

                                                            ii.      Web Editor to help Scott Ewing (Webmaster) find content and put on website ~ 5 hours/ month.   

9.       League of Neighborhoods – Kyle Jenson:   Each year the Fort Worth League of Neighborhoods and the City of Fort Worth jointly sponsor awards recognizing outstanding neighborhoods and their projects.  We need writers to submit material so MH can win an award.

10.  Bow tying party – Steve McReynolds:  Sunday November 24 at 2237 Irwin @ 2pm for 1 hour.  

11.  MH Christmas Pary: Will be held at Jeff Davis’ House December 8th at 5pm.  Its potluck so bring food, drinks, dessert. 


Question: Noise on Rosedale from 121construction; a loud banging noise heard at 4am.  Answer: call the city, there is a noise ordinance and city code enforced that noise from work cannot start before 7am.



Meeting Adjourned: 20:25