Minutes of the  21 May 2013 Mistletoe Heights Association Meeting


Meeting was held at 1414 Mistletoe Dr, Home of Jim and Carol Shaw, starting at 7:00pm.


Emergency Preparations


A map of the neighborhood was passed around.  Those wishing to could mark their home if it had a basement or storm shelter and if they were willing to have neighbors join them in case of severe weather.  Richard Zavala suggested checking out the city website http://fortworthtexas.gov/emo/ for information on emergency preparedness. 


Report from Richard Zavala, Fort Worth Director of Parks and Community Services

Forest Park Pool



Forest Park was built in 1922 at a cost of $20,000.  The pool was closed at the end of the summer of 2010. It was the last of the city’s seven public pools closed due to dwindling resources and high maintenance costs. 


The  City Council was given a $500,000 grant from The Radler Foundation for refurbishing Forest Park pool. The city matched the grant with $330,000 from reserve funds.  The Forest Park pool will have a rededication Saturday, 25 May 2013 at 10:00am and the pool will be open for swimming at that time. 


Joel Burns will host a fund-raiser  at the pool, Thursday night, 23 May from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  The cost will be $25.00 and all funds raised will used to provide swim lessons.  The fundraiser will include beverages from Rahr Brewery and Times Ten Cellars, food from Tommy’s Hamburgers, music, and a visit from some zoo animal.

Volunteer Opportunities

The city always needs volunteers.  Below are some links regarding volunteer opportunities.


Community Action Partners Program http://fortworthtexas.gov/pacs/cap/ The City of Fort Worth’s Community Action Partners (CAP) serves as the Community Action Agency for Tarrant County and provides comprehensive services to economically disadvantaged individuals, families and the elderly.


Animal Shelter  http://fortworthtexas.gov/animals/volunteer/

Fort Worth Botanic Garden  http://fwbg.org/volunteer-options/


Report from Susan Pressley regarding Forest Park Road Diet

http://fortworthtexas.gov/fwtv/ (Select 05/14 PRE-COUNCIL MEETING  presentation starts at about the 51:15 count.  The meeting agenda will also appear next to video, select item#8)

Douglas Weirsig, FW Director of T/PW, gave a presentation about the FP road diet at the pre-council meeting on 14 May 2013.  It addressed the speeding and accidents on FP, maintaining current capacity, estimated vehicle delays and showed a computer simulation of traffic flow with a road diet. 


T/PW is currently doing public input meetings until the end of May.  After that, they will begin cheduling the work with a completion date set for July.


Report from Ben Belsher on the Mistletoe Blvd Apartment Complex

There are six or seven MH residents on the committee.  The committee has met with the project architect.  The architect has been the president of a historic neighborhood association in the past.  The land is under contract and construction is scheduled to begin June 2014 and is estimated to take eighteen months.  There will be 216 apartments, termed luxury apartments by the developers, 55 feet above ground.  Parking  garage will be under the apartments.  The committee is also addressing traffic issues with the developers.


Report from Beth Krugler on Welcome Baskets

Beth and Alex Rodman have been delivering Welcome Baskets to new residents of Mistletoe Heights.  If you see neighbors moving in, please contact Beth or Alex through the neighborhood email.  If you have any pull with local businesses to get some freebies or discounts that would be useful to new neighbors, or you have donations for the baskets, please share the information with Beth and Alex.



Please send any updates, photos, or articles to newsletter@mistletoeheights.org


Neighborhood Directory

Irene Stemple and Nicky Aubry have volunteered to work on updates to the neighborhood directory.


MH website


Mike Danella has volunteered to help Scott Ewing (MH Webmaster) as Web Editor.  Scott is looking for historic photos of the neighborhood to post on the MH website.  Please send them to webmaster@mistletoeheights.org/


Report from Aaron Schutt regarding Gas Lease

Everyone in MH that owns their mineral rights should have received their Division Order from XTO.  The enclosed documents will need to be signed and returned before any royalties are received.  Every person listed on the document must sign.  In case of divorce or death, call XTO.


On May 9, 2013, Dyani Merkley sent an email with a formula to calculate the decimal interest.   If your calculation using the formula (or Excel spreadsheet) in the email does not match up with XTO's, you may wish to contact XTO.  866-886-2613  Your first check should arrive 30 to 60 days after signing the DO.


Treasurer's Report from JeriJo Blackmon

Treasurer's hard copy was passed out.


Miscellaneous Items

There is a boot camp (exercise program) in Newby Park Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00pm.


Kyle Jensen would like to have a MH Awards Dinner in the fall.  Suggested awards:  Yard of the Year, Neighbor of the Year, etc.


We need help with July 4th parade and ice cream social organization.


MH has never been recognized in the League of Neighborhoods. Kyle plans on having MHA recognized this year.  http://www.fwlna.org/


Question from Mike Danella:  What does it take to have MH streets better maintained/resurfaced by the city?

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